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Hello Priorians! The Prior Extinction OFFICIAL Wiki is currently undergoing construction, particularly with areas impacted by the next big update, The Rise and Fall Part 2 and the release of Yule 2, hunger and thirst changes constituted with map changes, new abilities and brand new Dinosaurs! Please be patient with us as we gradually update materials on this website for your benefit. Thank you!

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Welcome to the Official Prior Extinction Wiki!

This wiki is about REVAMP content only, and any RETRO content will not be accepted due to it having its own wiki in place, if you are searching for RETRO content, kindly click Here.

Welcome to the official Prior Extinction Wiki! This is the Prior Extinction wiki that anyone, including you, can access, build, and expand.

Prior Extinction is a game hosted on Roblox, focusing on hardcore prehistoric survival. Currently it features -45 playable Dinosaurs, and up to ~50 in sandbox mode. Prior Extinction offers a map featuring 11 unique biomes, a detailed combat and wellbeing system, a wide variety of creatures to play as, achievements, masteries, quests, and a heavy focus on realism. No matter what your preferred playstyle is, Prior Extinction will have something for you!.

This Wiki is currently a Work-In-Progress, please understand that some pages and such are probably unfinished, the Wiki will change from time to time to make sure that all information is Up-To-Date with the game.

For more Prior Extinction content, check out the owner, Jaco2811's Twitter and YouTube channel.

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Examine different species of Dinosaurs (And Non-Dinosaurs).

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Look through a variety of different Gamepasses.

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Inspect the Mechanics and learn how they work.

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Observe a variety of Biomes in-game.

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View the progress made by developers, and sneak peaks of what's to come.

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Check out the progress of future updates, and see what's to come.

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