Most Loved Recipes Of 2023 (2024)

2023 brought some culinary gems into my kitchen, and these top 10 recipes have become family favorites. All the recipes are easy to make with things from your local grocery store. These have become reader’s favorites too.

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You probably don’t know this, but I love to cook even more than I love to decorate. I read cookbooks like some people read romance novels. Cooking is in my blood. My mother was an average cook who really did not like to cook. I came out of the frozen food and meal-in-a-box or can generation. She lovingly made dinner every night without complaint, and that is a testament to her longsuffering for our family.

My love for cooking came by way of my maternal grandmother, Nani. She was not a fancy cook. I call the food she made peasant food because that is how she grew up: poor and with lots of brothers and sisters. Being the oldest, she did a lot of cooking and felt responsible for all her sibling’s hungry tummies. My Nani could take simple ingredients and spin them into the most delicious dishes. The best thing she made was soup. No wonder I love soup so much! Thankfully, I have many of her recipes. When I make them, I feel as though I am in the kitchen with her. She would be thrilled that the recipes her mother taught her were eaten by my grandchildren five generations later.

It was not until I moved away from home into my first apartment that I discovered this wonderful world of fresh food for myself! And moving to Lancaster County literally fed my curiosity for locally sourced food. Until then, I had never eaten an asparagus spear that did not come out of a can.

When I moved out of my childhood home, my mother gave me some of her cookbooks that sat on the shelf of our coat closet inside our front door. Betty Crocker soon became my best friend! And I loved all the church women who bound their very best recipes so I could learn how to make Potluck Potato Casserole and Gingerbread. I found myself, even to this day, excited to peruse a local farmer’s market or stand by the road looking for locally peak-of-freshness sourced fruits and veggies.

Not only do I love to cook, but I love to share great recipes, too! I share some of my favorites on the blog. The title of today’s posts is Most Love Recipes. It has a double meaning. There are some recipes that are my reader’s most loved recipes and some that are mine.

I hope you will enjoy perusing this post and making some of them, too! If you have made any of these recipes, please share about them in the comments below.

Thanks for indulging me with a little culinary trip down m memory lane!

Barely Baked Chocolate Chip Cookies

Let’s eat dessert first…

These barely baked chocolate chip cookies are such a crowd-pleaser. The secret that makes them so delicious is their crispy, crunchy outside, and just-baked gooey center. They are sprinkled with a bit of flaky salt to enhance their flavor. These will be a family favorite!

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Crispy Air Fryer Potatoes

When a potato is supposed to be crisp, but it isn’t… what a disappointment! I take my crispy potatoes very seriously!

Delicious, perfectly seasoned, and crispy tender, these Crispy Air Fryer Potatoes are a perfect side dish for any meal. They do not disappoint!

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Strawberry Cobbler From A Box Cake Mix

Most Loved Recipes Of 2023 (4)

Church cookbooks are filled with clever and delicious shortcuts for making the best crowd-pleasing recipes. This Strawberry Cobbler is a scrumptious, easy-to-make strawberry cobbler dessert made from fresh strawberries three other pantry staples.

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Christmas Breakfast Casserole

Most Loved Recipes Of 2023 (5)

The title of this recipe is Christmas Breakfast Casserole, but I also make it for holidays like Easter and family birthdays. I first posted this recipe in 2010, just one year after I started blogging because I knew you would love it as much as we do. And this year I reposted it with more helpful information and much better pictures. This post got more views than any other post in 2023! Thanks!

Every bite of this satisfying breakfast casserole is hearty and full of flavor! It can be made ahead and tweaked to include your favorite savory ingredients. Make this recipe for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. It feeds a crowd and is perfect for Christmas morning. It is a big crowd-pleaser and a family favorite.

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Tomato, Peach, Cherry, And Baratta Salad With an Herb Vinegarette

Most Loved Recipes Of 2023 (6)

My daughter, Jacqueline, is a fabulous cook, and she made this amazing fresh salad for us this summer. This recipe is a keeper!

This beautiful summer-on-a-plate salad uses the best of in-season fruit, veggies, and fresh herbs with creamy Burrata cheese. Plump cherry tomatoes, juicy peaches, and herbs are drizzled with a delicious herby vinaigrette and sprinkled with toasted pinenuts. It’s mid-summer on a plate.

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Mulled Spiced Cider You Will Want To Sip All Day Long

Most Loved Recipes Of 2023 (7)

I made this for our family on Christmas Day, and it was a hit. But I’ll be making this all winter long because it was that good, and I think it might help keep my immune system healthy.

Keep the cider warming on the stove, and it will also infuse your home with its memory-making aroma.

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Strawberry Lemon Pound Cake With Lemon Glaze

Most Loved Recipes Of 2023 (8)

Strawberry lemon pound cake is an easy-to-make, dense, moist, sweet loaf cake. And all that deliciousness is topped off with a lemony glaze. It’s easy to make with seasonal fruit and other pantry items.

We also made this loaf cake with blueberries and raspberries. YUM!

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Arugula Salad With Nuts, Shaved Parmesan Cheese In A Lemon Vinaigrette

This is another old post that was too good to let sit in my archives. So, I posted a new and improved version of the original salad with more helpful info and prettier pictures.

Arugula Salad is a very easy-to-make salad using fresh, peppery arugula, nuts, and shaved Parmesan cheese and drizzled with a puckery lemon vinaigrette. This is our go-to salad.

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Baked Stuffed Pumpkin

This is another old recipe that had a tech glitch and was lost. So many people asked for this recipe! So I rewrote it, adding more info and much better images (the last post’s images were horrible).

Baked Stuffed Pumpkin is an easy recipe to make and impressive to serve. It’s a versatile one-pumpkin dish that uses a hollowed-out pumpkin as a baking vessel. It’s filled with a delicious stuffing made of bread, sausage, cheese, and egg custard to hold everything together. So easy to make for a family weekday dinner and fancy enough for a company meal.

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Classic Irish Soda Bread

I love to make quick breads! They don’t need to rise. Irish soda bread is delicious slathered with butter or toasted.

Irish Soda Bread is a very easy recipe to make! Buttermilk and baking soda give this bread its rise and a delicious flavor. Classic Irish Soda Bread is the perfect way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day or any day of the year!

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There you are! The Top 10 Most Loved Recipes for 2023! I hope you give them a try in 2024.

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Happy cooking!

Most Loved Recipes Of 2023 (2024)


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