Craigslist Bass Player Wanted (2024)

1. los angeles musicians - craigslist

  • Los angeles musicians "bands... · Musicians "drummer" in Los...

  • los angeles musicians - craigslist

2. SF bay area musicians - craigslist

  • Bass Player wanted for band and music collaboration. $0. willow glen / cambrian · ISO Horn/String Player for Performance Art piece. $0. western addition.

  • SF bay area musicians - craigslist

3. The Craiglist Files: Bass Player Wanted

  • 4 nov 2020 · No, you go where everyone goes- Craigslist -> Community -> Musicians. And thus the search begins. As bass players we have a leg up on our six- ...

  • Searching Craigslist for someone, anyone to play with. Except these people.

4. boston musicians - craigslist

  • Bass Player Wanted for Classic Rock Band. $0. MetroWest · Top Level Cover Act Seekong Bass w/Vocals. $0. New England · Guitar Player Looking For A Working Band.

  • boston musicians - craigslist

5. Answering Musician Wanted Ads on Craigslist Are Always an Adventure

6. new york musicians - craigslist

  • Drummer/Percussionist Wanted for Brazilian Singer. $0. Long Island/Queens · Promoter looking to manage or work with a female hip hop or r&b artist.

  • new york musicians - craigslist

7. Musicians Wanted L.I. - Facebook

  • Heavy rock/metal band seeking rock vocalist! We are currently a 3 piece band based in Patchogue consisting of Bass, drums and guitar who are looking for a ...

  • Vedi post, foto e altro su Facebook.

8. best Craigslist Musicians Wanted ad ever | Marshall Amp Forum

  • 17 jun 2010 · My brother responded to the ad. Check it out: :lol: I am a professional bass player looking to audition for your band. I am able and willing to ...

  • My brother sent me this from the talkbass forum. This has to be the funniest ad ever, and this guy is clearly off his rocker. Band Needed Hi. Im 20 years old, I play guitar, bass, keys and drums and do lead vocals but cant do all that at the same time so Im looking to start a band. Thers...

9. chicago musicians - craigslist

  • Bass player wanted Neil Young tribute band. $0. Joliet · ISO Lead Guitarist to join band development project. $0. Lakeview · Lead Vocalist Wanted. $0. Berwyn ...

  • chicago musicians - craigslist

Are you a band in search of that crucial missing piece? Look no further than Craigslist. Craigslist has become the go-to platform for musicians seeking to connect with like-minded individuals. Whether you're a seasoned band looking to replace a departing member or just starting out and need to fill a spot, Craigslist offers a vast pool of talent waiting to be discovered. In this article, we'll explore the ins and outs of finding a bass player on Craigslist, from crafting the perfect ad to vetting potential candidates.

Crafting the Perfect Ad

The first step in finding a bass player on Craigslist is crafting an attention-grabbing ad. Your ad should be concise yet informative, detailing exactly what you're looking for in a bass player. Start by introducing your band and the type of music you play. Are you a rock band, jazz ensemble, or something entirely unique? Give potential candidates a taste of your sound and what they can expect from joining your band.

Next, outline the qualities you're seeking in a bass player. Are you looking for someone with years of experience or are you open to newcomers eager to learn? Be specific about the skills required, whether it's proficiency in slap bass or the ability to read sheet music.

Don't forget to include practical details such as rehearsal schedule, location, and any equipment requirements. Being upfront about these details will help weed out candidates who aren't the right fit for your band.

Navigating the Craigslist Jungle

Once your ad is live, prepare to be inundated with responses. Craigslist can be a bit of a jungle, so it's essential to have a strategy in place for sorting through potential candidates.

Start by creating a shortlist of applicants based on their initial response. Look for candidates who demonstrate enthusiasm for your music and a genuine interest in joining your band. Be wary of generic responses that seem copy-pasted – you want someone who's genuinely excited about the opportunity.

Next, conduct thorough interviews with your shortlisted candidates. This is your chance to get to know them better and assess whether they're the right fit for your band. Ask about their musical background, influences, and what they can bring to the table. Don't be afraid to ask for references or samples of their work to validate their claims.

Sealing the Deal

Once you've found the perfect bass player for your band, it's time to seal the deal. Negotiate terms such as rehearsal schedule, compensation, and any other relevant details. It's essential to have clear communication from the get-go to avoid any misunderstandings down the line.

Consider holding a trial period to ensure that the new bass player meshes well with the rest of the band. This will give both parties a chance to assess whether it's a good fit before committing long-term.


In conclusion, finding a bass player on Craigslist can be a daunting task, but with the right approach, it can also be incredibly rewarding. By crafting a compelling ad, navigating the Craigslist jungle, and sealing the deal with the perfect candidate, you'll be one step closer to achieving musical greatness.


1. How much should I pay a bass player found on Craigslist?

  • Compensation varies depending on factors such as experience, rehearsal frequency, and gig opportunities. It's essential to discuss payment terms upfront and come to a mutually beneficial agreement.

2. What if I don't receive any responses to my Craigslist ad?

  • If you're not getting any responses, consider revising your ad to make it more engaging and informative. You can also try reposting at different times or exploring other platforms to widen your search.

3. Should I conduct background checks on potential candidates?

  • While not necessary, conducting background checks can provide peace of mind, especially if you're considering working with someone you've never met before. Be sure to obtain consent before conducting any checks.

4. How do I know if a bass player is the right fit for my band?

  • Trust your instincts and look for someone who shares your musical vision and work ethic. A successful collaboration requires mutual respect, communication, and a shared passion for music.

5. What if the bass player I find on Craigslist doesn't work out?

  • Don't be discouraged. Finding the right fit can take time, so be patient and keep searching. Learn from the experience and use it to refine your criteria for future candidates.
Craigslist Bass Player Wanted (2024)


How much does a session bass player make? ›

Session Musician Salary
Annual SalaryHourly Wage
Top Earners$94,000$45
75th Percentile$61,000$29
25th Percentile$27,000$13

Is it hard to find bass players? ›

Playing bass can be so rewarding and comes with a lot of perks. One of them is that it's very easy to find a band to play with. Every band needs a bass player, and you know what – we are in demand! I'd dare to say that there are no 'unemployed' bass players, as long as they are any good on the instrument.

What is the app that finds local musicians? ›

Maybe you are just looking for some like minded friends to get started learning an instrument. No matter what you are looking for, BandFriend can help you. Post your musician profile and instantly get access to other local musicians, no matter where you are.

How to find bandmates online? ›

8 Websites to Help Find Your Next Band Mate
  1. Gumtree.
  2. Jamkazam.
  3. Band Mix.
  4. Vampr.
  5. Jamseek.
  6. Meetup.
  7. Muso Finder.

Who is the highest paid bass player? ›

The top 5 Bassists in the world:
  • #4 Roger Waters of Pink Floyd. (photo credit – modified) ...
  • #3 Gene Simmons of KISS. (photo credit – modified) ...
  • #2 Sting. (photo credit – modified) ...
  • #1 Paul McCartney. (Photo Credit – modified)

Can you make a living playing bass? ›

If you want to earn a living as a full-time professional bass player then chances are you'll have to diversify slightly. However, gigs of all kinds (party bands, playing and recording for artists, theatre work, workshops, touring etc.) can make up a large part of your income so it's important to know how it works.

Are bassists in high demand? ›

Bass Guitar: The bass guitar is essential in any band, and it's always in high demand. Bassists can have successful careers as session musicians or touring musicians with famous bands. Many bassists also work as music teachers or producers just like drummers.

How can you tell a good bass player? ›

Qualities To Look For In A Bassist
  1. Cohesion and Chemistry. The rhythm section of your band or project consists primarily of bass and drums. ...
  2. Groove & Pocket. It should go without saying that a great bass player understands the fundamentals of pocket and groove. ...
  3. Dynamic & Creativity. ...
  4. Self-Care. ...
  5. Common Ground.

Is there a demand for bass players? ›

The music industry is constantly evolving, and the demand for diverse and versatile musicians is increasing. The bass guitar plays a crucial role in contemporary music, making bass players an integral part of the music industry.

What is the best social media for musicians? ›

11 Websites for Musicians to Upload Music or Share Content
  • Instagram – 2.5 billion.
  • TikTok – 1.67 billion.
  • LinkedIn – 930 million.
  • Snapchat – 750 million.
  • Pinterest – 465 million.
  • Reddit – 430 million.
  • Twitter – 368 million.
  • Tumblr – 135 million.

Is there a tinder for musicians? ›

Vampr – Tinder For Musicians

Vampr is a free platform to use so it is worth giving it a try. Vampr is similar to Tinder but with this app, you can search out for compatible artists to help progress your career.

How do I get people to find my music? ›

  1. Distribute music on streaming platforms. ...
  2. Sign up for artists services: Spotify for Artists & Apple Music for Artists. ...
  3. Find your audience: start local. ...
  4. Promote your music on social media. ...
  5. Create an original newsletter to promote your music. ...
  6. Get into playlists on streaming platforms. ...
  7. Promote your music with a solid press kit.

Where is the best place to find musicians to jam with? ›

Live Music Venues

Many local bars and coffee shops have an open mic or jam night. Attending one of these is one of the best ways to find musicians. You can play a tune or just watch if you aren't comfortable enough to sit in and play.

How do artists find band members? ›

10 Ways To Find Band Members & Musicians
  • Give Other Musicians A Reason To Be Committed To You.
  • Band & Musician Finder Websites.
  • Your Local Music Store.
  • Local Rehearsal Spaces & Recording Studios.
  • Reddit & Forums.
  • Open Mic Nights.
  • Facebook Groups.
  • Your Own Social Network.
Jun 14, 2022

How do I find musicians to jam with? ›

Section 1: Finding Musicians In 'Real Life'
  1. Put up an ad or notice at your local music store. It works. ...
  2. Check your local rehearsal rooms. ...
  3. Take group music lessons. ...
  4. Go to open mic nights and jam sessions. ...
  5. Ask your guitar or music teacher. ...
  6. Get your oldest friends together.

How do session players get paid? ›

Duration of a project is also a key factor in how much session musicians get paid. Hourly rates are typically used for shorter projects, while a flat fee might be paid for backing or studio band work that last several weeks or months.

What are the royalties for session players? ›

Sales and streaming royalties

Revenue from sales and streaming services is collected by the recording rightsholder (label or self-releasing artist). At present, session musicians will not typically receive royalties from these sources, unless it is stipulated in their recording agreement.

Do session players get royalties? ›

Another issue that session musicians face is fair compensation. While they are often paid for their services, they may not receive the royalties or residuals that artists do.

How do session musicians make money? ›

Session Musician Royalties

Usually, session musicians are paid a flat rate through a Work For Hire Agreement.


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