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Who is Brooke Monk?

Brooke Monk, born on January 31, 2003, is an American TikTok sensation and YouTuber. Renowned for her diverse content, including vlogs, dancing, makeup tutorials, and ‘POV’ videos, she boasts over 31 million TikTok followers and 4.1 million YouTube subscribers as of May 2023. A former member of The Hype House, Brooke’s authenticity and engaging presence have propelled her to social media stardom. Beyond her digital success, she’s recognized for her distinctive fashion trend, blending piercings with a no-makeup look. Brooke Monk’s journey reflects a blend of youthful exuberance, creativity, and a captivating ability to connect with a global audience.

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Brooke Monk Bio

Full NameBrooke Monk
Date of BirthJanuary 31, 2003
Age20 years (as of 2023)
BirthplaceJacksonville, Florida, United States
ProfessionTikTok Star, YouTuber, Social Media Influencer
Height5 feet 5 inches (approx. 167 cm)
ParentsMr. Monk (Businessman) and Mrs. Monk (Homemaker)
SiblingsBryanna, Blaize, Breanne, Brett, Aura
BoyfriendSam Dezz (as of available data)
Net Worth$3 Million (as of 2023)
TikTok FollowersOver 31 Million
YouTube SubscribersOver 4.1 Million
Known ForLip-sync videos on TikTok and diverse content on YouTube
Social MediaInstagram: @brookemonk ,@Brookemonk

What isBrooke Monk’s Age, Height, and Weight?

Brooke Monk Height, Net Worth, Parents, Siblings, Sam, Piercings, No Makeup Wiki - EntertainPulse (1)

As of 2023, Brooke Monk is 20 years old. She stands at a height of approximately 5 feet 4 inches (165 cm) and maintains a weight of around 112 lbs (51 kg).

What is Brooke Monk’s Ethnicity and Nationality?

Brooke Monk, born on January 31, 2003, is an American content creator from Jacksonville, Florida. Her nationality is American, and she belongs to a well-settled Christian family, reflecting a mix of cultures in her diverse background.

Who are Brooke Monk’s Parents and Siblings?

Brooke Monk Height, Net Worth, Parents, Siblings, Sam, Piercings, No Makeup Wiki - EntertainPulse (2)

Brooke Monk’s journey is deeply intertwined with the support of her family. Born as the middle child among her siblings, she is the third child in a family that includes five biological siblings Bryanna, Blaize, Breanne, Brett, and Aura. Her sister Aura, like Brooke, has made a name for herself as a dancer and social media influencer. In a heartfelt video posted on October 29, 2020, Brooke introduced her parents, Amy Monk, a dedicated homemaker, and her father, a businessman whose name remains undisclosed.

Brooke Monk and Sam Dezz’s Relationship

Brooke Monk Height, Net Worth, Parents, Siblings, Sam, Piercings, No Makeup Wiki - EntertainPulse (3)

In the realm of social media, personal lives often become public fascination. Brooke Monk’s romantic journey began in 2020 when she crossed paths with Sam Dezz, a fellow social media content creator. The couple officially started dating on October 11, 2020, marking the beginning of a love story that has resonated with fans worldwide. Celebrating their one-year anniversary on October 11, 2021, Brooke and Sam continue to share their relationship, creating a narrative that extends beyond the confines of online platforms.

Brooke Monk’s Piercings and No Makeup Fashion Trend

Brooke Monk Height, Net Worth, Parents, Siblings, Sam, Piercings, No Makeup Wiki - EntertainPulse (4)

Brooke Monk is not just a content creator; she is also a trendsetter. One of the notable fashion trends associated with her is the combination of piercings and the natural allure of no makeup. In an industry often dominated by carefully curated looks, Brooke’s embrace of authenticity has resonated with her audience. The “Piercings, No Makeup” trend has become a signature style, reflecting her commitment to genuine self-expression.

Early Life and Education of Brooke Monk

Born on January 31, 2003, in Jacksonville, Florida, Brooke Monk’s early life was a blend of Floridian warmth and the burgeoning influence of the entertainment world. Her childhood in Jacksonville laid the groundwork for her future ambitions, showcasing a passion for creativity and performance.

While specific details about her early life experiences are not extensively available, it is known that Brooke embarked on her journey into the entertainment industry fueled by dreams of becoming an actress. Her formative years in Jacksonville, surrounded by a supportive family, likely played a crucial role in nurturing her aspirations.

In terms of education, Brooke Monk, as indicated by her Linkedin profile, completed her high school education as a homeschooled student. Following the completion of her high schooling, she took a significant step forward by enrolling in a private college to pursue her graduation.

Brooke Monk’s Career

Brooke Monk Height, Net Worth, Parents, Siblings, Sam, Piercings, No Makeup Wiki - EntertainPulse (5)

Brooke Monk has evolved into a social media sensation, captivating millions with her diverse content, collaborations, and personal charm. Let’s delve deep into her career.

  • Early Passion: Brooke Monk, born on January 31, 2003, in Jacksonville, Florida, exhibited a passion for the entertainment industry from her early years.
  • Social Media Emergence (2019): In 2019, she ventured into the social media realm, initially focusing on TikTok and specializing in lip-sync videos, dance, and comedy.
  • TikTok Stardom: Brooke rapidly gained traction on TikTok, amassing an impressive following of 31 million with 2.4 billion likes on her videos.
  • YouTube Expansion: Recognizing the potential of cross-platform engagement, she expanded her content to YouTube, where she currently boasts over 4.1 million subscribers.
  • The Hype House Era: Becoming a member of The Hype House, an influential collective of content creators, further catapulted her into the digital spotlight, enhancing collaboration opportunities.
  • Brand Collaborations: Brooke’s influence extends beyond platforms, as she collaborated with renowned brands such as MVMT, ColourPop Cosmetics, and Amazon Prime.
  • YouTube Shorts Success: Embracing the YouTube Shorts trend, she showcased her creativity, contributing to her popularity and engagement on the platform.
  • Personal Life in the Public Eye: Beyond content creation, Brooke’s personal life, especially her relationship with Sam Dezz since 2020, became a noteworthy aspect of her public persona.
  • Ambitions Beyond Social Media: Expressing aspirations for the American entertainment industry, Brooke strategically balances her social media success with broader career goals.
  • Recognition and Representation: Acknowledged as a rising star, Brooke Monk stands as a representative of the evolving landscape of entertainment careers in the digital age, where social media presence intersects with mainstream aspirations.

What is Brooke Monk’s Net Worth?

Brooke Monk Height, Net Worth, Parents, Siblings, Sam, Piercings, No Makeup Wiki - EntertainPulse (6)

As of 2023, Brooke Monk’s net worth stands at an impressive $3 million. Brooke Monk’s evolution from content creator to social media sensation has brought not just fame but substantial financial success. Boasting widespread popularity on TikTok and YouTube, her digital influence has significantly contributed to her impressive net worth

Net Worth: $3,000,000

Per Year:$210,000

Per Month:$17,500

Per Week:$4,038

Per Day:Per Hour:Per Minute:Per Second:

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Brooke Monk's Impact on Social Media

With a staggering 31 million followers on TikTok, 4.1 million subscribers on YouTube, and over 4.3 million followers on Instagram, Brooke Monk has solidified her presence in the social media realm. Her popularity surged in 2019, gaining 3 million TikTok followers in just five months.

Quick Facts About Brooke Monk

Brooke Monk Height, Net Worth, Parents, Siblings, Sam, Piercings, No Makeup Wiki - EntertainPulse (7)
  • Early Stardom: Brooke Monk, born on January 31, 2003, quickly rose to fame as a TikTok sensation. Her captivating lip-sync and dance videos caught the attention of millions, earning her a massive following.
  • Multifaceted Content Creator: Beyond TikTok, Brooke has diversified her content across various platforms, including YouTube. Her content ranges from vlogs and beauty videos to engaging YouTube shorts, showcasing her versatility.
  • The Hype House Connection: Brooke was a former member of The Hype House, a collaborative space for social media influencers. Her time there contributed to her understanding of the dynamic social media landscape.
  • Family Support: Hailing from a well-settled Christian family in Jacksonville, Florida, Brooke's family has been a significant part of her journey, supporting her aspirations from an early age.
  • Personal Joy Moments: Brooke shares glimpses of her personal life, surprising her parents with an iPhone and gifting her boyfriend his dream car. These moments offer fans a peek into the joy beyond her online persona.
  • Coca-Cola Lover: Among her personal preferences, Brooke has expressed her fondness for Coca-Cola. This detail adds a touch of relatability to her public image.
  • Transition to College: Brooke's journey involves transitioning from being a homeschooled student to attending a local private college in Florida, showcasing her commitment to education alongside her digital career.
  • No Makeup Transition: Documenting her journey, Brooke has shared her transition from wearing braces to a braces-free smile, embracing her natural beauty without makeup.
  • Passion for Acting: Born with a passion for the entertainment industry, Brooke's journey began with early schooling in Jacksonville, Florida. Her ultimate goal is to become a renowned actress, driving her social media career.
  • Financial Success: With over 31 million TikTok followers and 4.1 million YouTube subscribers, Brooke has not only gained fame but also substantial financial success. Her net worth reflects the rewards of her dedicated work and influence in the digital sphere.

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Brooke Monk Height, Net Worth, Parents, Siblings, Sam, Piercings, No Makeup Wiki - EntertainPulse (8)

Brooke Monk, with her charisma, creativity, and authenticity, has become a beacon in the digital landscape. From her early aspirations of becoming an actress to evolving into a social media powerhouse, Brooke's journey is a testament to the transformative power of the online world. As she continues to inspire and entertain, Brooke Monk remains a noteworthy influencer shaping the future of content creation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Brooke Monk's Height?

Brooke Monk stands at a height of 5 feet 5 inches (167 cm). Her physical appearance, coupled with her engaging personality, contributes to her popularity on social media.

Who is Brooke Monk's Boyfriend or Husband?

As of the latest available information, Brooke Monk is in a relationship with Sam Dezz, an American social media personality. The couple has been together since October 11, 2020. However, they are not married.

Who Are Brooke Monk's Parents?

Brooke Monk's father is Mr. Monk, a businessman, and her mother is Mrs. Monk, a housewife. The family has been supportive of Brooke's endeavors from her early aspirations to her rise as a social media influencer.

Who Are Brooke Monk's Siblings?

Brooke Monk has four sisters named Bryanna, Blaize, Breanne, and Aura. Brett is her brother.

How Many TikTok Followers Does Brooke Monk Have?

As of now, Brooke Monk has amassed over 31 million followers on TikTok and received 2.4 billion likes.

Brooke Monk Height, Net Worth, Parents, Siblings, Sam, Piercings, No Makeup Wiki - EntertainPulse (2024)


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