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Brooke Monk is an American social media star with 10.7 million followers on TikTok. She also has 1 million followers on Instagram and 370K subscribers on her self-titled YouTube channel. Brooke confesses to not being funny on her TikTok bio, but her content suggests otherwise.

Monk’s daily skits get millions of views, and a fair number of them have gone viral. Monk is a confessed makeup enthusiast, and most of her content on YouTube involves makeup.

This piece will look at Brooke’s meteoric rise on social media, her view on relationships, and her opinionated nature.

Brooke has gained over ten million followers on TikTok in about nine months

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Brooke was born on 31st January 2003 and grew up alongside four sisters. She started her TikTok account in September 2019, and by November 2019, she had amassed 370K followers. Over the next nine months, she gained over 10 million followers on the dance and lip-syncing platform. In a November 2019 Q&A, Brooke explained how she creates her content:

“Make content, put it out there, [and] see where it goes. If you ever have an idea make sure to put it on the notes of your phone cause it’s easy to forget if you can’t form a TikTok right then and there, which I am sure most of us cannot… Find an audio which fits the idea you have, and make it relatable to a widespread audience and you’re going to have the best luck doing that. That’s just basically what I have been doing.”

The fact that Brooke is homeschooled might help because it gives her more time to focus on social media. Brooke’s homeschooling has also helped her go through school faster than her peers despite never skipping a grade.

She doesn’t feel like she is ready to be in a relationship, but she knows what she wants in a potential partner

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Monk appreciates that she has a different view on relationships compared to most of her peers. In her November 2019 YouTube video, she described starting dating before the age of 18 as ‘putting your heart in a battlefield and waiting for it to get shot.’ She feels that you have to work on growing yourself before committing to a person. She explained:

“I know that I am not, as far as my character goes, developed enough to be able to have another person depending on me emotionally and in general taking up my time. I think I have a lot more to work on myself, things I want to do before I am in a relationship.”

Brooke contends that her value isn’t determined by whether she is single or in a relationship.“You have the same value single as you do in a relationship, and that value is infinite,”she added. Despite her take on teen-relationships, Brooke has a rough idea of the person she wants to get into a relationship with and eventually marry.

She knows that there is no such thing as a perfect partner, and she’ll have to pick someone with flaws that she is willing to tolerate. However, there are issues that Brooke won’t compromise, including the person’s religion. Brooke explained:

“I don’t think there is someone who is going to be perfect for me but general characteristics: Loves Jesus, is always willing to have a conversation about Christianity. Definitely super respectful and in general, if a guy treats his mom with respect, he’s going to treat his girl with respect. Definitely willing to be a better person and help others in the world… and somebody that respects my parents.”

Brooke is highly opinionated but she welcomes respectful discussions about her values

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Brooke is highly opinionated, and she knows that she might unintentionally come out as rude when expressing her values. She stands firm on her opinions, but she appreciates respectful discussions about the values she holds dear. Monk explained:

“If you want to change my views, have a respectful conversation with me. Don’t treat me like trash just because you disagree. That’s a complete sign of immaturity on the other person’s part. You are basically throwing a fit, come back to me when you can be a young adult.”

Monk’s combative nature has helped her deal with the trolls that come after her content and her looks. “I know my value isn’t determined by someone’s point of view of me,” she said. “I think that’s a really important thing to keep in mind when you are getting criticism from people.”

All you need to know about Brooke Monk - TheNetline (2024)


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