20+ Delicious Ricotta recipes (2024)

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What to do with ricotta cheese? Check out these fabulous ricotta recipes featuring scrumptious pastas, incredible desserts, and everything in between. A convenient tub of ricotta cheese can go a long way!

Published April20, 2020/updated Oct 16, 2023

20+ Delicious Ricotta recipes (1)

What is ricotta cheese?

Ricotta (literally translated re-cooked) is an Italian fresh cheese, with a moist, fluffy texture and a slightly sweet taste. Traditionally, ricotta is made from cow, sheep, or goat milk whey leftover from the production of other cheese. The Italian cheesemakers used to cook the whey to achieve little curds to make ricotta.

Modern ricotta we buy at the grocery store is usually made from whole cow milk and It’s fattier than ricotta made by the traditional method.

Along with parmesan cheese and mozzarella, this fresh cheese is an essential ingredient in Italian cuisine. Its creamy texture and mild flavor work beautifully in both sweet and savoury recipes.

Ricotta Recipes

These mouthwatering recipes will show you how to turn easily a container of store-bought ricotta cheese into incredible vegetarian meals or sweet treats.


20+ Delicious Ricotta recipes (2)

Lemon ricotta pasta

It's hard to resist this amazing pasta with ricotta! It's a sensational family meal that uses simple fresh ingredients and it's ready in less than 15 minutes. What's not to love?


20+ Delicious Ricotta recipes (3)

What to do with leftover ricotta? These wonderful, fresh crostini topped with creamy ricotta and peas make a lovely appetizer or snack ready in minutes.


20+ Delicious Ricotta recipes (4)

Ricotta Meatballs (no-meat recipe)

These melt-in-your-mouth ricotta meatballs are made with a handful of ingredients and they are cooked in a delicious homemade tomato sauce. A terrific meatless meal for the whole family.


20+ Delicious Ricotta recipes (5)

Baked Ricotta

Economical and versatile, this baked ricotta is one of my favorite Italian appetizer. It's super easy to make, delicious and perfect for anytime you’re entertaining.


20+ Delicious Ricotta recipes (6)

Cake with Ricotta

In this easy ricotta cake the dense, moist crumb pairs beautifully with dark chocolate chips and fresh orange zest. It's also a breeze to make in 1 bowl, and it’s so delicious that you’ll be making it again and again!


20+ Delicious Ricotta recipes (7)

Whipped Ricotta Crostini

I love how the crispy bread, the fluffy fresh ricotta and the sweetness of the honey turn this crostini recipe into a n elegant, slightly sweet appetizer perfect for any occasion.

20+ Delicious Ricotta recipes (8)

Ricotta Muffins

The ricotta cheese makes these simple muffins similar to scrumptious mini cakes. They are flavored with lemon juice, vanilla, and their texture is a bit dense and super moist. They're perfect any time of the day!


20+ Delicious Ricotta recipes (9)

Ricotta Pizza

Pizza night, anyone? This ricotta pizza makes a simple, delicious white pizza topped with fresh garlicky ricotta and herbs. It’s full of flavor and great to customise with your favorite veggies.


20+ Delicious Ricotta recipes (10)

Herbed Whipped Ricotta

This whipped ricotta makes a crowd-pleaser appetizer ready in just 5 minutes. It’s fresh, herbed, garlicky and goes so well with warm focaccia, crispy breadsticks or on a platter along with more delicious Italian appetizers!


20+ Delicious Ricotta recipes (11)

Ricotta Cream

All you need are 3 ingredients, a bowl and an electric beater to make this fluffy, slightly sweet ricotta cream with dark chocolate. Spoon or pipe it into nice serving glasses and serve with fresh berries or shortbread.


20+ Delicious Ricotta recipes (12)

Sun-dried tomato pasta

This scrumptious creamy sun-dried tomato and ricotta pesto will be fabulous with your pasta, and it’s ready in minutes. And if you’re after quick tasty meals, then you’ll love these quick pasta recipes and one-pot pastas.


20+ Delicious Ricotta recipes (13)

Strawberry Ricotta cake

The juicy strawberries, the vanilla hints and the super moist texture make this easy strawberry ricotta absolutely delicious and perfect for all occasions.


20+ Delicious Ricotta recipes (14)

Mushroom Ricotta Pasta

Creamy ricotta, savory mushrooms, and plenty of garlic make this pasta dish sensational, and you'lI love the richness that ricotta brings to the dish. This is a hit in my house.


20+ Delicious Ricotta recipes (15)

Raspberry Ricotta Cake

You’ll love this moist raspberry ricotta cake, it’s bursting with fresh juicy raspberries and vanilla hints. Plus, it’s easy to make in one bowl, so simple, straightforward, and turns perfectly every single time.


20+ Delicious Ricotta recipes (16)

Tomato basil Pasta with Ricotta

You need only one pot, minimal effort, and a few simple ingredients for this flavorful tomato pasta with ricotta. It’s a cozy family meal perfect for on-the-go weeknights!


20+ Delicious Ricotta recipes (17)

Lemon ricotta cake

Inspired by the Italian sbrisolona cake, the crispy crumble and the creamy ricotta filling with hints of lemon make this ricotta cake sensational. This is one of our favorite ricotta dessert recipes.


20+ Delicious Ricotta recipes (18)

Spinach and Ricotta Cannelloni

Photo Credit:www.recipetineats.com

Think of juicy spinach and ricotta filling inside cannelloni pasta tubes, topped with a homemade tomato basil sauce and melted cheese. How delicious is that?


20+ Delicious Ricotta recipes (19)

Pasta with Zucchini

This pasta with zucchini is ready in about 15 minutes and requires only 5 ingredients. A simple recipe that turns zucchini and ricotta cheese into a meal perfect for both carnivores and vegetarians.


20+ Delicious Ricotta recipes (20)

No-Churn Chocolate Chip Ricotta Ice Cream

Photo Credit:anitalianinmykitchen.com

This no-churn ricotta ice cream is easy and requires only four ingredients. It's so yummy and creamy that will have everyone wanting seconds.


20+ Delicious Ricotta recipes (21)

Easy Homemade Ricotta Gnocchi (from scratch)

Photo Credit:www.recipetineats.com

This recipe uses ricotta instead of mashed potatoes to make light, fluffy gnocchi from scratch in just 30 minutes. They are amazingly good.


20+ Delicious Ricotta recipes (22)

Zucchini & Herbed Ricotta Flatbread

Photo Credit:sallysbakingaddiction.com

This is flatbread with herbed garlic ricotta cheese, zucchini, juicy tomatoes, and goat cheese makes an amazing dinner recipe the whole family loves!


20+ Delicious Ricotta recipes (23)

Vegetarian Lasagna

Photo Credit:www.recipetineats.com

This wonderful lasagna is made with a creamy ricotta and spinach filling as well as layers of vegetables and a rich tomato lasagna sauce. Veggies and ricotta cheese make an incredible combination!


20+ Delicious Ricotta recipes (24)

Homemade Ricotta Cheese

Photo Credit:www.spendwithpennies.com

Lastly, here is a super easy recipe to make your homamade ricotta cheese that tastes way better than store-bought, and it's just perfect for scrumptioius pasta dishes!

Notes & tips

Is ricotta supposed to be grainy or smooth?

Not all ricotta is created equal, and quality varies from brand to brand.
It’s not unusual to find a tub full of grainy or rubbery ricotta rather than soft, creamy curds. However, standard supermarket ricotta should work just fine for most of the recipes, especially when it’s cooked or baked. Here is a helpful list!

20+ Delicious Ricotta recipes (25)

Can ricotta be frozen?

Yes, ricotta cheese can be frozen, but freezing affects the texture. Previously frozen ricotta leftovers can be used for cooked dishes such as pies, cannelloni or cakes.

Loved these ricotta cheese recipes?

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I hope you’ll try and love some of these delicious, easy ricotta recipes. And let me know if you have any questions, I would love to hear from you x

20+ Delicious Ricotta recipes (26)

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20+ Ricotta Recipes

What to do with ricotta cheese? I've got you covered with these ricotta cheese recipesthat you'll love like this simplewhipped ricotta crostini recipe that makes a wonderful holiday appetizer that's elegant and slightly sweet.

Recipe yields to 1 cup of whipped ricotta that is enough for about 26 crostini.

Prep Time15 minutes mins

Total Time15 minutes mins

Course: Appetizers

Cuisine: Italian

Keyword: ricotta crostini

Servings: 26 crostini

Calories: 45kcal

Author: Katia


  • 26 baguette or ciabatta, slices
  • ½ – 1 tablespoon olive oil, for brushing the bread, as needed
  • 1 cup (250 grams) whole-milk ricotta cheese
  • 2-3 tablespoons clear runny honey, or to taste
  • 1 tablespoon pine nuts (or 2 Tbsps chopped walnuts or pistachios)
  • 1 tablespoon fresh thyme leaves
  • sea salt flakes, to taste


  • Slicesthe baguette, cut 0.5cm / 1/4-inch thick, ideally on the diagonal.

  • Preheat oven to 160°C / 320°F. Alternatively, preheat a grill pan on the stove.

  • Place the bread slices on a baking sheet, and spray or lightly brush them with some olive oil, than bake (or grill) for about 4-5 minutes or until golden and crispy. Set aside.

  • Whip the ricotta in a food processor until smooth and creamy. It takes 1-2 minutes. It can be kept in the fridge for up to 3 days, in airtight container.

  • When it's time to serve, spread the whipped ricotta on crostini, drizzle with a touch of honey, sprinkle with thyme leaves, pine nuts and a pinch of salt. Arrange the crostini on a serving plate and serve straight away. Alternatively, place everything on a serving plate and let the guests make their own crostini.


How to store ricotta crostini? Firstly, keep in mind that ricotta crostini won’t keep well in the fridge since the ricotta will make the bread soggy. However, if you’re planning to make them ahead, you can make whipped ricotta and keep in the fridge in airtight container for 3 days. Also crostini keep well in airtight container, not in the fridge, for 3 days. Once you have these ingredients ready, you can assemble ricotta crostini when it’s time to serve.

Baguette or ciabatta: you need approx 6 oz/170 grams overall.

Nutrition facts:the nutrition values are for one serving and they are basedon an online nutrition calculator. It’s an estimate only and it should not be considered as a substitute for a professional nutritionist’s advice. Please see my disclosure policies.


Calories: 45kcal | Carbohydrates: 5g | Protein: 2g | Fat: 2g | Saturated Fat: 1g | Polyunsaturated Fat: 0.3g | Monounsaturated Fat: 1g | Cholesterol: 5mg | Sodium: 51mg | Potassium: 23mg | Fiber: 0.2g | Sugar: 2g | Vitamin A: 56IU | Vitamin C: 0.4mg | Calcium: 28mg | Iron: 0.4mg

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20+ Delicious Ricotta recipes (2024)


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