100 Days of School Worksheets and Printable Activities  (2024)

The 100th day of school is a significant milestone in the educational journey of young students, offering a unique opportunity to reflect on all that they have learned and the growth they’ve experienced since the beginning of the school year.

To mark this special occasion, I am thrilled to share our collection of100 Days of School Worksheets and Printable Activities– a perfect blend of fun, education, and celebration for elementary school students.

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And the best part? These resources are all available as a free digital download at the end of this post!

The Concept of 100 Days of School

Traditionally observed in the primary grades, the 100th day of school typically falls in late January or early February, depending on the school’s calendar.

This day, which marks 100 days of the academic school year, is celebrated in schools across the country to emphasize the various mathematical concepts related to the number 100, to boost students’ understanding of the number system, and to reinforce lessons aligned with the Common Core standards.

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It’s also a day for teachers and students to engage in creative and educational activities that make learning math skills, social studies, and English language arts so much fun. Include these fun 100th day activities in your lesson plans as part of your 100th day of school celebration.

Free Printable 100 Days of School Activities

Each of our printable activities is designed to be a great activity for students, offering different options to challenge and engage first grade and 2nd-grade learners.

So let’s take a closer look into what each of these kidsworksheets offers:

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100th Day Glasses

These cut-out glasses are not just a crafty project but also a fantastic way to visualize the number 100.

Students can personalize them with crayons or markers, or glue on small objects, making this a great activity for independent work or small groups.

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A delightful mix of craft and festivity, the “100th Day Glasses” worksheet invites children to step into the shoes of a designer. They can carefully cut out the number ‘100’ shaped glasses, color them with their choice of hues, and assemble them to wear proudly.

It’s a wonderful way for kids to showcase their creative ideas and celebrate being 100 days smarter in a visually fun way!

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Identify and Color

This worksheet focuses on geometry and cognitive skills. Kids can identify shapes and use their favorite colors to complete the picture, a fun way to integrate math activities into the celebration.

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This geometric gem of a worksheet, “Identify and Color,” sharpens math skills as students identify different shapes within a larger figure.

It’s a great way for first graders to practice their knowledge of shapes and for 2nd graders to delve into a more complex understanding of how shapes can form a bigger picture. After identifying, they can use fruit loops or other small items to color and fill the shapes, making math a tactile and colorful experience.

100 Day Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are a hands-on approach to learning. This worksheet will help students recognize and count objects that are commonly found in classrooms, enhancing their counting skills and attention to detail.

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The “100 Day Scavenger Hunt” is a great way to incorporate movement and exploration into the classroom.

This worksheet has illustrations of common classroom items like erasers, pencils, and scissors, and space for children to tally each time they find one. It’s an engaging way for students to practice counting to 100 using the items around them, turning a math lesson into an exciting treasure hunt.

This is Me on the 100th Day of School

A fantastic worksheet for creative writing and graphic arts, this activity allows children to express themselves and their feelings about the school year.

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Encouraging self-reflection and creative expression, “This is Me on the 100th Day of School” worksheet provides a space for children to draw a self-portrait and express how they feel about reaching the 100-day milestone.

It’s a great activity for discussing growth mindset and celebrating personal achievements.

I Can Write 100 Words

Enhance your students’ vocabulary with this challenge. It’s a great activity for English language arts and encourages students to reflect on the numerous new words they’ve learned.

100 Days of School Worksheets and Printable Activities (8)

The “I Can Write 100 Words” worksheet is perfect for literacy development. Students are challenged to recall and write down 100 words they have learned throughout the school year.

This can be turned into a fun competition or a collaborative effort, and it’s a fantastic way to review vocabulary in a way that feels like a significant achievement.

100th Day of School Word Search

Word searches are a great way to work on pattern recognition and vocabulary. This one is themed around the 100th-day celebration, making it a perfect fit for the day.

100 Days of School Worksheets and Printable Activities (9)

This word search is a hidden treasure of vocabulary related to the 100th day of school. Children will be on the lookout for words like ‘teacher’, ‘pencil’, ‘learn’, ‘class’, ‘hundred’, ‘read’, ‘smarter’, ‘celebrate’, ‘count’, ‘books’, ‘write’, ‘friends’, ‘recess’, ‘fun’, ‘homework’, ‘answer’, and ‘understand’.

It’s not only a fun puzzle but also a reinforcement of the language associated with their educational journey.

100th Day of School Activity Sheet

This multi-activity sheet is an easy idea for keeping students engaged with tasks that involve writing, drawing, and critical thinking about the number 100.

100 Days of School Worksheets and Printable Activities (10)

The “100th Day of School Activity Sheet” is a comprehensive page filled with prompts like “I wish I had 100…”, “I could eat 100…”, “I can make 100…”, and more.

This worksheet encourages kids to use their numeracy skills in a variety of creative writing and problem-solving scenarios, allowing them to apply the number 100 to real-world contexts in imaginative ways.

I’m 100 Days Smarter Certificate

Celebrate your students’ 100-day milestone with this stellar “I’m 100 Days Smarter” certificate!

This printable provides a space for a photo, allowing each child to be the star of their own achievement.

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It’s a powerful way to acknowledge their hard work, dedication, and the knowledge they’ve accumulated over the past 100 days.

As they color in the vibrant stars and bursts of light surrounding the central astronaut helmet design, students can take pride in their educational journey.

This certificate is not only a fun coloring page but also a memorable keepsake that students, parents, and teachers will cherish.

It’s a perfect closing to your 100th-day festivities and a fantastic way to boost confidence, making it clear that each student is indeed 100 days smarter.

Each of these 100th day of schoolactivities is a great way to celebrate the 100th day of school, providing educational fun for different grade levels and subject areas. They are fantastic for engaging elementary school students in a milestone that’s both a look back at what they’ve learned and a stepping stone to what’s ahead.

Download Your Free Printable 100 Days of School Activities PDF

Ready to join the celebration and make your class 100 days smarter? Click below to download your free file of 100 Days of School Worksheets and Printable Activities. These 100th day of school worksheet printables are designed to accommodate different grade levels, resource types, and learning styles, ensuring a comprehensive K-12 educational experience.

Terms of use: These activity pages are free for classroom use, and free for personal use.


Whether you’re a teacher planning a classroom celebration, a parent volunteer looking for creative ideas, or a student eager to mark 100 days of school activities, these worksheets and 100 days of school printables provide a great way to commemorate this special day.

Engage your students in these educational activities to make them feel like a hundred bucks!

Happy teaching, and enjoy this memorable day in a fun and educational way.

We hope you enjoyed these free printables! They are designed to add a splash of joy and a dash of learning to the significant 100th-day milestone.

If you found these activities helpful and fun, please consider sharing this blog post with fellow educators, parents, and anyone who would love to bring a creative twist to their celebration of learning.

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Sharing these resources is not just a great way to spread the joy of the 100th day of school, but it also supports our community in making education an engaging and joyful journey for every student.

Let’s help each other make each day of school count, all the way to the hundredth and beyond!

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100 Days of School Worksheets and Printable Activities  (2024)


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